Friday, January 20, 2012

Third Thursday...

... was nice last night. I got to chat with a lot of people. It was cool. Sold a couple small things. Not enough sales to make it worth my time, but i gave out a lot of business cards, and you never know what those will lead to.

A lot of friends showed up and that was nice. It was chilly out and that probably made a few people stay in.

Today I am dropping off 7 paintings to The Barefoot Spa for their "Best of the Best" show. That will be nice. I am bringing them a bunch of larger art. Hopefully some of it will sell. We will see.

As far as my studio goes, I need to get cracking on my commissions. Every time I have gone into my studio in the past couple weeks, I have been distracted by other things. I have the commissions started, I just have to focus. The commissions include James Dean, The Little Prince, and a Safety Pin.

Anyway, those are my art thoughts for now, I have to go to work!

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