Thursday, May 31, 2012

After a few days off...

Yesterday as a pretty big art day for me. Did lots of art stuff

I met with Boone Fowler about placing some art in Taste Restaurant, and participating in an Art Market. I will be installing some art at Taste in the College Park neighborhood of Orlando in a couple weeks for a 2 month show there. The reception will be part of an art event on Friday June 15th. The event is part reception, part artists at work, part concert, part art market. This will be a lot of fun.

Later at Artists@Work Wednesday at OLV restaurant, I worked on some art live and socialized with a lot of local artists. I discussed switching out some art at OLV.  Right down the street (at the same time) I was multitasking, by hosting a group reception with Ernie Turner at The Smoothie Room. This show at The Smoothie Room is an expansion of our Artists@Work event. There was a lively turnout and the work looks great! Thanks to everyone for participating.

Meanwhile during the day, I worked on art for 2 group art shows; "Flock of Art" and "Boarded Up". I also worked creating an inventory of my available art, did a little reaching out to try to participate in Art Basel in Miami, and I also tried to think about creating a website.... Not bad for one day!

And I forgot to mention that I sold 3 small paintings at Artists@Work Wednesdays at OLV!

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  1. Oh wow- good luck with Art Basel and let us know what happens with that!