Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Art Collection

Well, I haven't written in a while. I thought I would try to do get going again. I just walked by my rapidly growing collection of art. I have been buying art at local art receptions and art walks. My collection includes over 40 pieces!
This are makes me smile and I am inspired on a daily basis by these pieces of art. The work is mostly original paintings, but there are some drawings, photography, prints and even doodles on napkins. All of this work is unique and brings character and a touch of flair to my home. I am proud that I have supported local artists by buying their work. I didn't buy it all though, I have also traded artwork for some of it.
I guess the whole point is that it is important to bring art into your home. It is important to support local artists. If you haven't bought original art, it is time tto do so. You don't have to build a huge collection, but start somewhere. buy a small painting or print. Hang it up. I am positive that it will change your life.
Here is a link to my facebook album of my art collection!

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