Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No painting again...

... but I went through a bunch of photos and edited them. It isn't the most fun thing to do, but if I want to post photos and have records of my art, I have to do it. This editing spree started with my Nude Nite submissions today. I actually submitted two pieces to be included in Nude Nite. Ahead of schecule. The deadline is January 12th. I had to do it now because I will be completely absorbed with the Critique group and some other news that I don't want to talk about yet.

Nude Nite uses Cafe for their application process. I had to edit my photos for the submission. when I tried to submit my art, I found that the submissions have to be SQUARE files. My pieces are 24 x 30 and 48 x 72. Definately not square. On top of that the files had to be 1920 pixels x 1920 pixels. ridiculous. But i did it. Plus it costs $40 to submit to the show.

Anyway, it is done, and here are my final submissions; "Reclining Nude" and  "The Thinker"

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