Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exhausting but rewarding day....

... today was a busy day for me and art. I got up early and installed a show of around 40 pieces at Newfangled Modern Market in Deland. The selected work looks great, and I am very happy to be working with them. This show also includes all of my most recent work. 4 brand new pieces, never shown before. And none of the work had been shown in Deland ever. The install was quick and easy, but it is an hour drive each way.

While i was in Deland, I took the time to check out the small downtown area. I found 3 museums, The Florida Museum of Art, and two specialized museums, one featuring women artists and one featuring African American artists. I also noticed at least 5 places that showed local artists. And there was a small art school with a student gallery. Lots of art for a "small town".

When I got home, I prepped to go to Art Night Wednesdays at OLV. I packed up my "portable studio" and available art. I had a great day meeting new artists, and talking about art all evening. I also significantly worked on about 10 paintings while I was there.

I am absolutely exhausted, and need to rest. I guess it is bed time!

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  1. Deland is a fabulous place with a top notch quilt shop ta boot!