Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visiting Artist...

... at Montverde Fine Arts Festival. It was very rewarding.

The sestival consists of music, dance, acting, and visual arts. I have been volunteering as a working artist, demonstrating what I do, for the past few years. It is a very cool event.

I spent the last few hours painting live, and talking to students about art. They loved watching what I was doing and asked a bunch of questions. I had a great time explaining art to 5 to 18 year old students... and their parents.  I always find this event very rewarding.

In addition, I was able to do significant work on a couple pieces! That was great!

This year, I hopefully helped motivate a couple adults engage in their art more. I talked a lot about Art Night Wednesdays (soon to be rebranded to Artists@Work Wednesdays) at OLV. I felt like the pied piper, encouraging everyone to follow their interest in art.

Well, that is where my head is now... and it is time to run off to work!

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