Monday, February 27, 2012

Artists@Work Wednesdays... going to be really cool!

We are looking for passionate artists to gather to create on Wednesday nights! The idea is to set up a portable studio and make art for an evening outside, and probably while enjoying wine and good food.

The thought is that we want to get artists together to share their creative energy, experience, and passion with each other! It is a networking event, studio, critique, and support group all rolled into one!

Every major movement in art history revolved around artists meeting and sharing their thoughts, and that is our goal. To meet and share our thoughts. It is our turn to be a creative center. If the Futurists, Cubists, Impressionists, and Surrealists did it, why can't we do it now, in Orlando? The Bauhaus movement became a school, Andy Warhol's "Factory" was an artistic mecca.

So, now we give the world "Artists@Work"

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